Laura Woods 

Christina Chalk

Melanie Long 

Francesca Dunn

Kasumi Noir 

Adriana Bucur

Victoria Middleton

Madeleine Harvey Brown

Debay De Lux

Kay Slater

Amy Ledger 


ArtPunk (black and gold, tattoo print)

Towzie Tyke (Cinderella, grey broche, raspberry stays and black watch)

Louise Cantwell (white broche, silver & lace, ivory lace and copper metallic)

CSD Images (metallic magenta) 

Clare Coulter Photography (white broche triple image)

Bart Photography (official Nightwalk photographs) 

Gabriela Silveira

Make-up and Hair

June Long (Cinderella and woodland)

Laura Scarff (white broche triple image)

Lynsey Findlay  (white broche triple image)


Holly Megan Baxter