Copyright Louise Cantwell Photography Model: Kasumi Noir

Copyright Louise Cantwell Photography
Model: Kasumi Noir

The ordering process is simple and varies according to your requirements and location. If you are within travelling distance then just give Alison a call or email (email preferred).

Meeting 1: Consultation
This is where design ideas and requirements will be discussed and your measurements taken. Bring any ideas pics you’ve seen (though I will not directly copY) A deposit is payable at this point if you wish to proceed.. A pattern will then be drafted and a mock-up prepared.

Meeting 2: Mock up fit
When we try on the initial mock-up and make adjustments.

Meeitng 3: Second mock up fitting
Not always essential, but I prefer to allow for it as it puts less stress on the farbic to get everything right on mock-ups. Also essential where skirts are involved and for full busts.

Meeting 3: Fabric fit.
After the pattern is translated into your chosen fabric. Usually with some boning still omitted and no bingings etc done. Stage depends on design. Some adjustments may be needed, around bust etc.

Meeting 4: Final fitting
On standalone corsets this may be as one with the last fit. But for gowns this is a separate step where hems are pinned, last adjustments are made etc. Also a good time to teach a friend/bridesmaid how to lace up. And bring your shoes!
This is not a collection date, it’s the last fit to allow tme for things to be checked and changed if necessary.

Meeting 5: Collection.
Sometimes a quick check try-on may be needed, but generally this is just a collection. It is possible to courier to you instead, or in some cases to drop off.

Payment can be made in up to four instalments,but the final balance must be paid by or on the date of collection. Your garments will not be released without full payment.

Arrangements can be made for clients further away. But I do prefer to fit in person, therefore remote fits are not generally something I offer except in very special circumstances.. Appointments in your own home can also be madeif you’re in travelling distance, and have disabilities, please contact Alison for more information. 

Other tips for fittings:
Please come alone for with one other person to fits. I know it’s tempting to bring everyone but information gets missed, communcation breaks down, and there just isn’t much room. I can squeeze another in on the final fit for brides especially as it’s good to demonstrate the lacing.
Also, for the consultation a thin t-shirt of vest top is ideal. Something that does not mask shape too much when measuring. Ideally wear a non padded bra that fits you. If you’ve had a previous corset then bring it with you. Also, if you find your bust size changes substantially throughout your cycle then try to arrange fits close to that point of the month, and in relation to any occasion the garment is needed for.

Some approximate price guidelines

All prices will vary between designs.