Why choose bespoke

I   mage copyright Louise Cantwell Photography Model: Kasumi Noir

I mage copyright Louise Cantwell Photography
Model: Kasumi Noir

The primary benefit of bespoke over off-the-rack is fit. A bespoke corset is made from an individual pattern drafted from your measurements for you and you only. At least one mock-up will be fitted on your body and every curve will be checked. For people with pronounced curves, extreme hip to waist differentials, long or short torsos and so on, off the rack (or even corsets made to a couple of basic measurements) are unlikely to fit. A badly fitting corset is a best unflattering and at worst extremely uncomfortable and even potentially harmful. Anyone undertaking waist training for body modification is also strongly advised to opt for a fully customised fit.

The other reason to go bespoke is the opportunity to be completely and utterly free with the design. A chance to work alongside an expert to achieve just what you want, unfettered by the limitations of pre-proscribed design is a fabulous thing. Books of fabric swatches are on hand, and Alison has a few more unusual sources up her sleeve for distinctive fabrics and trims. Vintage and antique pieces are an option as are fabrics sourced locally. Then there are options for embroidery, beading and so on. All resulting in a truly individual garment.

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art
— Oscar Wilde

Things I will never do

There are a couple of fairly common practices that I do not believe in:

I will never increase price based on size. It is no more fair to charge more for a large size than a medium,  than it would be to charge more for a medium than a small. And oddly, the latter never happens but the former often does!

I will not charge you more just for being a bride. A corset or ensemble is not automatically more expensive because it's for getting married in. There may be a supplement for a rush order, and some fabrics are more expensive than others. But that is another issue.  

Some notes on timescales

Bespoke is a necessarily long process. Designing, drafting, cutting, constructing and finish are precise and intensive. Also specialist materials may need to be ordered from a distance away, In addition your availability for fittings may have an impact. I do try to fit people in at times best for them, evenings etc. But I appreciate life can be hectic. So please allow plenty of time and be clear about specific requirement dates at the outset. We suggest between 6 and 12 weeks for a corset depending on complexity. Please allow as much time as possible around peak bridal season.

For brides ordering ensembles/gowns, allow around 5-6 months at least. Too far in advance and body changes can be a problem. For bridal underwear corsets, order before dress fittings.

Rush orders can be arranged but will incur a charge. 

Having your dream garment made just for you is a wonderful experience, take time to enjoy it.